The House

First, there was the sun

The original idea was to put up the largest possible photovoltaic system on this patch of land right behind our own property.
The second thought was dedicated to the space underneath it. Why not create some room for travelers – and on occasion for some private guests, too?
Finding a competent planner was an easy task; we have an extraordinary architect in our family who is always bubbling over with ideas. From a large variety of completely different approaches – each of them thoroughly elaborated – we chose this one and realized it with a fair amount of own effort and of course the help of dedicated and highly motivated partners.

Bed and Bike

Mountainbiking friends and the award-winning mountainbike park in the adjacent village Trippstadt inspired us to upgrade the lodge to meet the special needs of cyclists. Being enthusiastic touring cyclists ourselves, this was an easy decision. A lockable bicycle und utility shed, providing daylight through big roof-lights, holds a workshop with spare parts.

In front of it, close to the outside water supply, there is a drained washing area.

In addition, a comfortable whirlpool supplies well-deserved relaxation after a challenging day.

The sauna is located just behind the bycicle shed, on our private property, and can be reached through the garden.

A jewel amidst nature

The most striking characteristic of this house is its geometry. Clear-cut and puristic like a crystal – yet astoundingly exceptional.
The wooden cladding stretches out over the roof, framing the embedded photovoltaic modules. The diagonal ridge is lopsided and gives room to a second floor containing a spacious sleeping gallery. It is located on an oversized wooden cube which contains the engineering room, the utility room and the luxurious bathroom.
Lots of wood, clay and other natural materials, the open architecture, tatami mats and the high attention to detail provide a healthy and appealing interior climate.



Dipl. Ing. Sabine Hoffmann, Berlin
Dipl. Ing. Marcus Schwarz, Trier

Structural engineer

Dipl. Ing. Bernd Büchert, Karlsruhe

Building systems engineering

Fa. Gläser, Nonnweiler
Bauer Elektrotechnik, Kaiserslautern
Consolar GmbH, Solaera System, Lörrach


Our special thanks go to the craftsmen that supported us in our project with their tremendous motivation, commitment and patience:

Carpentry: Holzbau Hoeh, Geiselberg
Building company: Weber building company, Kaiserslautern
Plasterwork: Lehmbau Pritzl, Otterberg
Interior fitting: Hubert Krämer, Otterberg
Ecological building material: Troedelei, Kaiserslautern